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Saturday, May 26, 2007


"..the British Government sent two representatives Lt.Col.D.R.Rees-Williams, and Capt.L.D.Gammons to study the reaction of the masses on the proposed Malayan Union.Both found massive anti-Malayan Union rallies by Malays all over the country,including larger rallies by Malay women and by the end of their fact finding mission..the Malay in every States were opposed and rejected the Malayan Union.The British authorities failed to read the Malay mind.

Harold Mac Michael,Britain representative paid personal visits to each of the nine Sultan from October 20, 1945 to Disember 21,1945..the Sultan unwillingly forced to sign their acceptance of the Malayan Union.."abstract from "The Struggle for Malaysian Independence "by J.J.Raj (JR) published by MPH Publishing.

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