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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just A Note..2 Dec, 2008...

It is my birthday today..

The mall was so busy, the crowd kept jostling me. It was like entering a football stadium 10 minutes before kickoff...

The mall's stores were aimed at teenagers and 20-somethings. There were no furniture or baby clothes shops here... just trendy boutiques carrying the latest zany fashions from Japan, beauty products, and video games.

The manager was showing me around. He was trying to explain some of the financial metrics of his business to me... like price per square foot and occupancy rates. But there were so many people, it was impossible for us to walk side by side.
Plus loud music was pulsing from almost every store, different music coming from each one. I couldn't hear what the manager was saying..

Is it the new life of our young generation?- yunus alias.

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