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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


INIKAH jam tangan OMEGA  yang heboh dikaitkan dengan video seks Anwar Ibrahim?
Kisah Omega ini memang hebat.Dan tentulah ia kin i menjadi perhatian ramai..semua ingin tahu cerita di sebalik jam tangan Omega ini.
Apa kata Anwar: Polis tidak tanyapun.
Polis: Belum masanya lagi.Sudah terima jam tangan Omega dan akan dedah pemiliknya nanti.
Apapun bacalah sejarah Omega ini..Ia pernah dibawa ke bulan pada 1969..tetapi kini ada cerita di sebaliknya...
                                                              Omega has been party to some remarkable adventures over the past 160 years; whether it is in space, the ocean or sport timekeeping and precision recording these events and have distinguished them from any other watchmaker in the world.  
                                                        La Chaux-de-Fonds is the place it all began in 1848 when Louis Brandt a 23 year old man set up an assembly workshop working by daylight to assemble precision pocket watches he made from parts by local craftsmen.  Thirty years pass and Louis’ sons change from assembly to manufacturing due to quality assurance issues and tighten up the production process.  Mass production starts in 1885 with the creation of the “Labrador” a Caliber-C watch.
The first minute-repeater watch is invented in 1892 capable of sounding the hour, quarter hour and minutes with the push of a button.  Two years later the 19-line Caliber “Omega is invented by Francois Chevillat using ground breaking methods.

Moon Watch

                                                                                                     Tested by NASA and passing 11 environmental tests the Speedmaster is launched in 1957 and is the first and only watch on the moon in 1969.
.  .  Apollo 11, a giant step for mankind accompanied by the Speedmaster during the 2.5 hour space walk on the lunar surface in 1969.
.  Apollo 13, the Speedmaster manually timed the precise engine boost required to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere saving the lives of the crew after the explosion in 1970.
.  The Speedmaster is in space once again with the Apollo and Russian Soyuz shuttles synchronized to time the rendezvous in 1975.


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